Hoovic: oscillator for the hoover sound

Hoovic: oscillator for the hoover sound
Hoovic is an oscillator specially designed for generating hoover sound.

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[tested with KORG minilogue xd and Nu:Tekt NTS-1]

Sound Controllers

The knobs (minilogue xd: Shape and Shift-Shape / NTS-1: knob A&B) change the pitch rising/falling time of the sound. The maximum length of each time is about 33 seconds.

Optional parameters

Hoovic has three optional parameters, DCO range, Pitch envelope, and Noise level. (for NTS-1: You can enter the “select-parameter” mode by rotating the TYPE knob while pressing down the OSC button.)

DCO range parameter

DCO range parameter determines the base octave of the sound. You can choose normal, 1 octave lower, 2 octaves lower, or 1 octave higher pitches by selecting the parameter value from 1 to 4.

Pitch envelope parameter

The internal pitch envelope is the attack-decay type. The figure below shows the parameters.
The pitch rising time(T1) and falling time(T2) are directly modified by the knobs. The first pitch (L0) is determined by the note. The second pitch(L1) and the third pitch(L2) are determined by the pitch envelope parameter.
Hoovic provides seven pairs of L1 and L2, and the pitch envelope parameter selects one of them. The table above shows the parameter value and the corresponding L1 and L2 values. For example, when the value is 1, and you hit the note C4, then the pitch goes up to C5, and then goes down to G4.

Noise level parameter

This parameter adds nothing(value = 1) or some noise(value = 2) to the sound.