Pulsaw: Juno DCO emulator

Pulsaw: Juno DCO emulator

Pulsaw is made for generating the waveform of Roland Juno’s DCO — synchronized pulse and sawtooth. Also, the high pass filter and LFO delay function are embedded in the oscillator.

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  • Emulates the waveforms of Juno: synchronized pulse and sawtooth.
  • White noise and sub-oscillator.
  • High-pass filter including low-boosting and pass-through.
  • LFO delay for the shape parameter.

Shape and Shift-Shape

  • Shape: PWM width
  • Shift-Shape: Sub-OSC sound volume


  1. Waveform (Pulse+Saw, Pulse, Saw, None)
  2. Noise voulme
  3. High-pass filter cutoff frequency
  4. LFO delay time (shape modulation only)
  5. LFO mode (Roland style / Korg style)